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Thom is a musician from the south of the U.K, writing melodic instrumental tracks that blend a unique mix of melodicism, texture and technicality. 


His debut EP 'Lighthouse' was released in August 2018, and since then has worked with companies for releases like Getgood Drums and Neural DSP, providing original demos of their products.

Thom closely works with and endorses SMP Guitars alongside Dover Amplification as an artist to best suit his tonal needs.

In addition to pursuing a solo career, Thom has worked as a professional guitarist for numerous years, providing session guitar playing for advertisements and original releases, demonstrating products for GAK, playing corporate events and fulfilled overseas contracts with companies like P&O. 

Alongside a career as an original artist and professional guitarist, Thom is also an avid guitar tutor, teaching private students in one on one lessons.

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Generally teaching over the medium of Skype, Thom can guide you on your path to mastering the guitar or even just helping to push you into new musical territories.

His teaching ethos is strongly structured around detailed and bespoke lesson plans to suit your needs, with the ultimate goal to provide you with all the tools you'd need to navigate the modern music landscape with certainty and with the ability to self-express musically as the most paramount goal.

Lessons are usually 1h Slots, taking place over Skype or Zoom for £45p/h.

Bundle Discount (Must be purchased in one transaction):

5 x 1h Lessons - £200

All lessons must be paid for 24 hours in advance, cancellations/rescheduling is allowed, but only if notified over 12 hours prior to the lesson.

Previous Lesson Topics Have Included, But Are Not Limited To:



Whether those picking patterns are still being elusive, you're struggling with barre chords, or you can't quite figure out how to reduce noise in your playing, Thom can offer some useful insights into how to build your technical ability on the guitar.

Thom's areas of speciality include:

  • Alternate and Economy Picking

  • Sweep Picking

  • Accurate Muting Techniques

  • Tapping

  • Harmonics

  • Odd Time Groupings

  • Legato

  • Effective Use of Tremolo/Bar Techniques


Utilising a modern approach, Thom teaches music theory as it should be - with context for how you'd actually use and implement it.

Drawing from a modern 'bigger picture' perspective, he can take you from understanding what a triad chord even is, how to find the key of a track and know what to play from hearing just one or two chords to advanced modal interchange and superimposition as methods of finding those elusive 'outside' sounds.

In addition to those concepts, he can guide you through the ability to read music and teach tricks to become more fluent in sight-reading.


Choosing to draw on every available approach to guitar, Thom can run you through how to find and see chords on the neck and find new voicing and extensions for your favourite ones.

Thom has extensive knowledge of the CAGED System, 3 note per string shapes, alternative voicings and fretboard navigation techniques to push you into those new territories and open up the guitar neck.

musical styles

Having worked as a session and professional musician for many years, Thom has a solid grasp on how to replicate certain styles with authenticity and conviction. His influences range from Derek Trucks to John Petrucci and he has a good grasp on how to tighten up and apply stylistic techniques in your own playing to find your own voice. 

Different styles require different approaches towards the instrument and even different mindsets. Thom can offer insight into how some of your favourite guitarists are likely to have approached things in the studio or thought about their parts.


Improv is an important cornerstone of the modern guitarist. Improvisation is one of the keys towards unlocking your potential and finding your voice on the guitar.

Thom places strong emphasis on techniques to link the sound in your head with the ability to play those ideas in real time without having to spend time finding the notes on the fretboard. 

Improvisation doesn't have to be something you immediately associate with Jazz either - the ability to self express is important, as it can be the stepping stone towards writing chord progressions from the heart, finding rhythmic ideas or just helping with songwriting in general.


Feel free to send an Email via the form below, or alternatively you can get in touch directly via Instagram or Facebook direct messages.

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